Seniors Need Computers

I have maintained for a long time now, that Seniors are becoming isolated from the world of technology. Seniors are rendered obsolete in the work force, and in the private sector if they do not embrace the technology world.

I teach classes to Seniors at the Sebastopol Senior Center in Sebastopol, California. I have students who want to only email and maybe search for interests, some who only email, but now and then I get a Senior who realizes there is more to the internet than email and searching for interests. They want to find old friends, get to know Facebook to keep in contact with family and friends. They want to bank, communicate with their doctor, invest, buy gifts, find books, music, pay bills and so on. They want to learn how to download and manipulate pictures and more. I see these Seniors as enlightened and technology savvy people. It became a challenge for me to motivate other Seniors to realize this reality.

I created a brochure that speaks to this need. I have included a copy here for anyone to read and pass on to anyone who can benefit from it.

It truly is my hope that more and more Seniors will push open and walk through the technology door that is fast closing on them and rendering them forgotten.

Seniors Need Technology

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