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Perverse View of Entitlement

I now and then will post personal information here mostly because I am dumbfounded at times regarding the human race and feel the need to vent.

I realize we are not in a perfect world, and observing the myriad of ways individuals treat, or mistreat their fellow man, woman or child I am always surprised at what people do or how far they will go. The lack of integrity in our world is disheartening at times. I’m rambling, so I will get to the point.

Two nights ago I was having a nice dinner with my dear friend. After dinner I went to the Verizon store to iron out some issues with my new phone. Without realizing it, I somehow dropped or kicked my wallet out of my truck. I had just cashed my Christmas checks and had well over $500 in the wallet. As soon as I realized what had happened I backtracked my steps. The wallet was turned into the store, thankfully, but of course the cash was gone. I keep trying to console myself by telling myself it could have been worse. The entire wallet could have been gone, with those ramifications; so I am trying positive thinking. In going over the issue in my mind for two days, it brought to mind another time in my life when my car was stolen back in 2003;  these thoughts leading to my lack of understanding. I will never understand the attitude of someone who sees something, wants that something, so they just take it. Damn the consequences to the victim. I was fortunate my money had no definite earmark, but I kept thinking, what if it was my rent, car payment, medication money.

Where does the integrity break down? Who is responsible? Is it the parents lack of influence? Is it the examples of government officials or corporate leaders who cheat, steal and lie, and are never brought to justice?  Is it the schools, churches? When does a person decide to be the person they will be? At what age? One would like to think that at some point of adulthood, a person takes the reins and decides who and what they will be in spite of the past, present or future. I know there is no easy answer, and people continue to live as they want and justify whatever they do, be it good, bad, or gray. In contrast there is much good done by people to and for people. It isn’t black and white. It just leaves me frustrated to be a victim of someone’s lack of integrity. I just hope maybe it was a family with children who really needed the money. Still not a lot of comfort in that. It belonged to me, dang-it and I want it back! Just felt the need to vent.

Thanks for reading.

FBI Warns of Malware Phishing Scam

By Michael Cooney, NetworkWorld Jan 8, 2012 10:39 am

So long as people click on unsolicited attachments in e-mail, scammers will invent new ways to take their money, identities and more. The FBI last week issued a warning on one such new Internet blight called “Gameover,” which, once ensconced on your PC, can steal usernames and passwords and defeat common methods of user authentication employed by financial institutions. MORE ON CYBERCRIME: From Anonymous to Hackerazzi: The year in security mischief-making The FBI said it has seen an increase in the use of Gameover, which is an e-mail phishing scheme that invokes the names of prominent government financial institutions — the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), the Federal Reserve Bank or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The FBI says Gameover is a newer variant of the Zeus malware, which was created several years ago and specifically targeted banking information. Here’s how the FBI describes the scam: “Typically, you receive an unsolicited e-mail from NACHA, the Federal Reserve, or the FDIC telling you that there’s a problem with your bank account or a recent ACH transaction. (ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, a network for a wide variety of financial transactions in the U.S.) The sender has included a link in the e-mail for you that will supposedly help you resolve whatever the issue is. Unfortunately, the link goes to a phony website, and once you’re there, you inadvertently download the Gameover malware, which promptly infects your computer and steals your banking information. “After the perpetrators access your account, they conduct what’s called a distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attack using a botnet, which involves multiple computers flooding the financial institution’s server with traffic in an effort to deny legitimate users access to the site — probably in an attempt to deflect attention from what the bad guys are doing.” The FBI went on to say some of the funds stolen from bank accounts go towards the purchase of precious stones and expensive watches from high-end jewelry stores. “The criminals contact these jewelry stores, tell them what they’d like to buy, and promise they will wire the money the next day. So the next day, a person involved in the money laundering aspect of the crime — called a ‘money mule‘ — comes into the store to pick up the merchandise. After verifying that the money is in the store’s account, the jewelry is turned over to the mule, who then gives the items to the organizers of the scheme or converts them for cash and uses money transfer services to launder the funds.”