Privacyfix: Clean out your YouTube watch history

Posted 8 days ago by Jim Brock

Did you realize that YouTube keeps a history of the videos that you’ve viewed, whether on or when embedded across the web?

Having that history can be convenient to re-find something you’ve already seen. Your history can also help YouTube and Google personalize your video recommendations. Of course, Google also uses the information to select the ads that you see.

But your viewing history might include videos you don’t want associated with your profile. Your view history might also be inadvertently available to hackers or people who share your computer or devices.

Fortunately, Google leaves that choice up to you, by giving you the power to edit or completely clear your viewing history, and to pause it so that future video views don’t accumulate in your history.

We’ve just added this as a new privacy setting within Privacyfix, but you can also go directly to the page where you can manage it.

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