Summer Travel Mobile Safety Tips

Posted 18 days ago by Omri Sigelman

We all love to travel and get away somewhere in our summer months to recharge the batteries and relax with gentler pace of life…or not, if you’re someone who prefers high-octane activity.

Whatever your getaway of choice, it’s important to remember, particularly as we approach the main holiday season for many parts of the world, to keep safe.

Think of it like this: When you take valuables with you on the road, you protect them. You use a padlock on your baggage, keep jewellery in the hotel safe and keep expensive items like tablets close to hand.

But it’s important to remember that as you travel with your tablet or smartphone, the device itself isn’t the only valuable you’ve brought with you. As these devices have become the cornerstones of our digital lives it’s important to remember that when you travel, you take your data with you.

Much like your baggage, there are simple, cheap and easy steps you can take to make sure that nothing goes wrong while you are out in the big wide world.

Try a Tech Free Holiday:

The most obvious place to start when it comes to protecting your data when you travel is to leave it behind. Have you considered having a tech free holiday? Leaving your tablets, phones and laptops behind?

Even if you want to take your tech with you, try and make concessions about how many of your devices you need to bring. After all, a wallet that’s safe at home can’t be lost in an airport!

Watch out for Wi-Fi

If you’re taking advantage of public Wi-Fi, make sure it’s from a trusted source. Insecure, public connections can often be fakes where the data you send and receive is monitored by opportunists and your personal information can be extracted.

Back up!

Backing up your data as you travel can be a lifesaver if something happens to your equipment. Take advantage of any secure connections by backing up any work, pictures or other files you may have added since your last backup.

Nothing ruins a trip like losing your happy memories!

Public Computers:

Be very careful about what you do when using a public computer in an airport or internet cafe. You can never be sure about what programs are on the system and how safe your data is.

Some things to avoid:

  • Online Banking
  • Making online purchases
  • Logging into important online accounts (medical etc)

Lastly, be sure that every time you use a public computer you successfully log out of any accounts you access. The last thing you want is a stranger sitting down after you and having access to your Facebook account!

Get protected:

If you are traveling with a smartphone, laptop or tablet computer, it’s essential that you protect your device and your data.

Crooks can be smart and having a password on your iPhone is no guarantee that your data and saved passwords won’t fall into the wrong hands.

AVG Antivirus for Android is FREE and easy to use and can help keep your phone or tablet free from malware and viruses.

We know that there are few things worse than losing your mobile when traveling. It’s often your lifeline to your family, social life and can be a one-stop guide to wherever you need to go.

That’s why we included powerful remote locking and locating functions to help you recover your phone or tablet if you lose it while out and about.

There’s even a worst case scenario remote wipe function so that you can be sure that even if your device is stolen, your data will stay perfectly safe.

If you are traveling and want to protect your device and your data, download AVG Antivirus for Android now and keep your belongings and your personal data safe.

(For a few dollars you can purchase AVG Pro)

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